Sunday, April 25, 2010

love turns nightmare

 You couldn't see things clearly when you're in love... You love every single thing about him in-spite of tons of his flaws that you refused to see, and you feel like you want to be with him indefinitely.. it's as if, forever really does exist. Feels like you're living in one of those lovey dovey pop songs and romantic movies. You feel lucky, you feel happy and then you feel stupid and feels like a fool. Its one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride.

When it goes wrong, you'd feel like you're on the edge. This feelings eating you from the inside. You have too much emotions and feelings that ones could ever take at one shot. It consumed you like a burning flames.

 You wanted to be able to use your head instead of your heart all the time. You wanted to be able to see what really is the best thing for yourself. But when you're in love, weather you realize it or not, what heart feels is all that matters to you... and you couldn't runaway from it. Sometimes you know that letting go is the best choice, but you just deny and refuse to admit it. You kept hold on to something that you're so scared to let go, you didn't even care how much it have hurt you.. you hang on to it, hoping that things will get better, that it will go back to the way it used to, you hang on so tightly you don't even care if it cost your damn soul. You just don't want to lose this thing you once called LOVE.

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