Thursday, April 22, 2010

coffee night

Couple nights ago me and my friends going out and try to find a nice coffee house in the city that open until midnight. We ended up in this place called Anomali Coffee. The interior looks like a warehouse with homey vibe, really comfortable. They got many variation of coffee, also the original Indonesian coffee like Toraja coffee, Java coffee and even Kopi Luwak (one of my friend called it cat poop coffee, lol!). Kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world, and it's mainly produced in Indonesia. I just found out that Indonesia is one of the top five biggest coffee producer in the world.
I personally love coffee, i have it everyday. I admit that it gave me headache sometimes if i take it too much, but i never stop drinking it. My favorite would be black coffee, yepp i like it bitter, and my second favorite is cafe mocha.
I rrreally wanted to be a barista, i want to learn how to make good coffee and learn latte art. Barista is one of my dream job. seriously!
cafe mocha with rosetta form on it, one of the most common type of latte art
Photographed by wZa

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