Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ten things i learn about relationship

1. You and your partner have to be balance in life, compatible to each other
2. Don't let your heart work alone, your head must work with it too
3. There's no such a thing as perfect man/women, and also there's no perfect relationship. You must learn to understand each other in order to make both of you a perfect person in each others eyes
4. Learn the art of sacrifice and compromise, but always keep in mind that there's no such a thing as unconditional love... everyone must have expectation, YOU must have expectation
5. Never give your everything, because if it's over you will end up with nothing
6. If it didn't makes both of you a better person, don't hold on to it. Even though it might not look like it, you accomplish far more by letting go with love than holding on to fear.
7. You may not know about who's the one, but you always know deep in your heart who's not-the one
8. "Denial. It's not just a river in Egypt. It's a freakin' ocean!"
9. You couldn't really love someone when you haven't really love yourself. And in order to love yourself, you must know yourself first, know what you want, know how you want to live your life, and what you want to do with your life
10. There's no easy way to end a relationship. But there is a good break up, where you let go with no regret or hatred and actually feel glad that you have had it in your life.

It's strange that i get to think of real relationship now. I'm tired of fooling around, i've done the merry go rounds and been through revolving doors. All i want to have is a real relationship that will bring me to a better version of myself and share love with each other (no, i'm NOT talking about serious relationship towards marriage). Its just, i don't want to play around with my own feeling any longer, i don't want to play half-heart romance anymore, i want something good for myself, i want mature love.


 Image credit: tumblr


So this is it, this is the end... theBoy and i are officially over. I wish it didn't end up like this. But then i think to myself that this is the best choice for everyone, even though i couldn't see it that way now. I'm in a zombie-like condition at the moment, with my head filled with all the memories and the coulda woulda shoulda. That is the worse part of all this. I wish someone had invented a pill to erase memory in this kind of situation. It's hurt and it's hard... though i know that there is no easier way to do this. All i can do now is keep going and let time do its magic to make it all better. I've erased, i've removed... i accepted and moving on. I know i have a life waiting in front of me, i don't want to stop and looking back -just like how he puts it. Well, life is something that full with colors, sometimes you just get the color that you don't want. Sad things happens to you, but it is part of life that you're living, that what makes your life doesn't boring and colorful. In someway this breakup really is what i and he needed.
One thing i do now... is that i did feel happy when i was with him, and i'm glad that i met him in my life.

 "there are things you don't want to happen but you have to accept
there are things you don't want to know but you have to learn
there are people you think you can't live without but you just have to let go

Monday, April 26, 2010

don't stop believing, dream big!

Long sleeve T's - Vintage; Leather bag - Vintage; Heart shaped silver necklace - Diva

So people said "nothing lasts forever". We know damn well of this, yet it didn't stop us to have desires over this temporary things around us. We know that friendships fades away but it never stops us to have more friends and get to know new people. We know that love doesn't last forever and it even brake hearts but we still stupidly wanting to be in love over and over again. We know that we lose and broke things but we never stop to look and buy the new ones. Because if we stops, it means we stop living. This desire over short-lived things that define us as alive.
What happens when we stop wanting and stops having passion and dreams?

"It hurts sometimes more than we can bear if we could live without passion, maybe we'd know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank... Without passion, we'd be truly dead." ~Unknown

So i take it like this.. I wouldn't call myself a fool for wanting more love even after my heart's broken and being hurt. I'm not gonna feel stupid for having a big dream, hell i'm gonna find myself a big ass passion and live in it. Because i know that i'm just trying to live my life, and be as alive as i could be.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

love turns nightmare

 You couldn't see things clearly when you're in love... You love every single thing about him in-spite of tons of his flaws that you refused to see, and you feel like you want to be with him indefinitely.. it's as if, forever really does exist. Feels like you're living in one of those lovey dovey pop songs and romantic movies. You feel lucky, you feel happy and then you feel stupid and feels like a fool. Its one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride.

When it goes wrong, you'd feel like you're on the edge. This feelings eating you from the inside. You have too much emotions and feelings that ones could ever take at one shot. It consumed you like a burning flames.

 You wanted to be able to use your head instead of your heart all the time. You wanted to be able to see what really is the best thing for yourself. But when you're in love, weather you realize it or not, what heart feels is all that matters to you... and you couldn't runaway from it. Sometimes you know that letting go is the best choice, but you just deny and refuse to admit it. You kept hold on to something that you're so scared to let go, you didn't even care how much it have hurt you.. you hang on to it, hoping that things will get better, that it will go back to the way it used to, you hang on so tightly you don't even care if it cost your damn soul. You just don't want to lose this thing you once called LOVE.

Friday, April 23, 2010

a song from theBoy

"i keep listening it makes no difference by the band whenever i go and it reminds me of u" 
It Makes No Difference - The Band
It makes no difference where I turn
I can't get over you and the flame still burns
It makes no difference, night or day
The shadow never seems to fade away

And the sun don't shine anymore
And the rains fall down on my door

Now there's no love
As true as the love
That dies untold
But the clouds never hung so low before

It makes no difference how far I go
Like a scar the hurt will always show
It makes no difference who I meet
They're just a face in the crowd
On a dead-end street
And the sun don't shine anymore
And the rains fall down on my door

These old love letters
Well, I just can't keep
'Cause like the gambler says
Read 'em and weep
And the dawn don't rescue me no more

Without your love I'm nothing at all
Like an empty hall it's a lonely fall
Since you've gone it's a losing battle
Stampeding cattle
They rattle the walls

And the sun don't shine anymore
And the rains fall down on my door

Well, I love you so much
It's all I can do
Just to keep myself from telling you
That I never felt so alone before...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

just like they say, talent imitates and genius steals!

Jim Jarmusch, The Golden Rules of Filming

coffee night

Couple nights ago me and my friends going out and try to find a nice coffee house in the city that open until midnight. We ended up in this place called Anomali Coffee. The interior looks like a warehouse with homey vibe, really comfortable. They got many variation of coffee, also the original Indonesian coffee like Toraja coffee, Java coffee and even Kopi Luwak (one of my friend called it cat poop coffee, lol!). Kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world, and it's mainly produced in Indonesia. I just found out that Indonesia is one of the top five biggest coffee producer in the world.
I personally love coffee, i have it everyday. I admit that it gave me headache sometimes if i take it too much, but i never stop drinking it. My favorite would be black coffee, yepp i like it bitter, and my second favorite is cafe mocha.
I rrreally wanted to be a barista, i want to learn how to make good coffee and learn latte art. Barista is one of my dream job. seriously!
cafe mocha with rosetta form on it, one of the most common type of latte art
Photographed by wZa

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

britney's unretouched ad campaign

Britney Spears didn't want her Candie's ads to be retouched, but agreed to have the unretouched images released alongside the retouched images. It does make you feel a little bit better to actually see how those 'perfect models and celebrities' really looks in the photograph. Sometimes it's nice to see beauty/fashion ad's campaign that doesn't makes you feel ugly or think that there's something (or a lot of things) wrong with yourself or even makes you hates yourself.
Apart from the good feeling that this images gave me, i do think that this ad is a fail. I would personally more attracted to buy the product if they used only the retouched images. Irony.
Image credit: mirror

Thursday, April 15, 2010

coming soon: sex and the city 2

OMG! It's coming soon, on May 27th. The ultimate must see movie for all the fashion lovers. I couldn't be more excited!
 This movie poster is jaw dropping or what! f-ing gorgeous. Cavalli-esqe dress with 6 inch heels in the middle of desert, dazzling!

I'm so excited i think i'm gonna get a panic attack! Can't wait to see all those beautiful wardrobe. I love the picture above where sam wearing caribbean blue attire with beautiful statement earring. I have to calm myself down now, save the ooh and ahh for the movie.

"what happens after you say i do?" ~Carrie
"We made a deal ages ago, man, babies doesn't matter. We're soulmates." ~Sam

It's wow-ing me. Can't wait to see Penelope Cruz, Miley Cyrus, and above all John Corbett appearance in that movie.

crop top made a come back?

For me crop top is one of the 80's-90's trend that i categorized under iffy label. Well frankly, it's just too damn britney spears! But, as my most desirable designer Mr. Wang kicks off his spring 2010 collection with crop top trend, he brings a whole new perspective to me personally about this particular apparel.

--Alexander Wang Spring 2010 Collection.
You see what i'm talking about right? He said this few days before the show "We want to create clothes that are timeless and classic... Our girl wants investment pieces". I think he successfully takes crop top to a whole new different level.
And crop top comes back didn't just stop there, other designers also pull this off greatly.
 Twenty8Twelve - spring 2010
 Dolce & Gabbana - fall 2010
 Erin Wasson x RVCA - spring 2010
Takoon - spring 2010
Apparently crop top wasn't so bad after all. I do considering it to be one of the must have item.
The only problem now is only few people could actually get away with this look effortlessly. Which you might have already guessed, yes! people with perfect stomach!
 Image credit:

sleeping politician

I think the government should start do something about the sleeping politician. Maybe they could consider changing parliament members with more energetic younger people (i mean let's admit, older people gets sleepy and tired easily right!)... Or, change the seats into something less-comfy??
I seriously think sleeping politician is an international epidemic problem, no?
"Wake up Japan!"
Image credit: Tokyo Mango

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

vintage photograph

i discovered some family old photographs and feeling very vintage right now :)
(please excuse the bad quality of the pictures below, some part of it got damaged because the lack of maintenance and... IT IS OLD) 
i don't know why, but i always think that black and white photograph speaks more than the colored one. Without getting distracted by lots of color, you could see the emotion in the picture more easily and feel connected. It's both beautiful and emotional. Because it shows more emotion, black and white picture could come out strong and powerful. And also, how do i put it... it feels more classic, elegant, even romantic.
Sometimes less really is better.
With my new addiction on black and white picture, i think you would see more of it on my coming posts :D

look around in black & white

  1. book i read at the moment, and my aspiring wrecked blackberry
  2. closet door that holds all my past, present, and future attire
  3. pooh tissue box, sleep eye mask, CDMA phone --things that i savor right next to my bed
  4. a pair of i-wish-it-was-mine jimmy choo (L's)
  5. top shelf of my bookcase (yess, i dig Charlaine Harris!)
  6. pictures on the wall
  7. my old friend, The PC
  8. there she is, my sister L!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

what's a broken heart?

Jeudi, le 08 décembre

I've lost what it feels like, normal. My mind has only two states at the moment --one is lean and jittery, the lines of the world drawn sharp and tight, every voice a shout, every footstep a pounding. Then there's the other: cocooned in cotton wool unawareness, numb, unreceptive. Every voice sounds so far away. Times like those i feel i could step off this crowded Tube platform in the way of the train and not feel a thing. And in the few lucid moments between them, i am ashamed. Ashamed at my grief. Ashamed that my gran saw half her family carted off to the gas chambers and i'm crying over some man. Not that such thoughts help; they don't. Can't.
~Belle de Jour

towards the sun...

"faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see... "
~Photographed by Wullie

dull day [Trainspotting]

i have to admit that i feel so uninspired lately

i need a new excitement (and no i didn't talk about new boyfriend, or did i?)
god forbid theBoy reading this post
but if u do read this, i swear its just a pure exaggeration
:) ♥

by the way, i finally watched Trainspotting today
the movie was a breakthrough in British films!

the story told about a group of heroin addict and their passage through life
the leading role is narrating the movie at the beginning with this strong statement:

"Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching luggage. Choose a three-piece suite on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on Sunday night. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pissing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up brats you spawned to replace yourselves. Choose your future. Choose life... But why would I want to do a thing like that? I chose not to choose life. I chose somethin' else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you've got heroin?"

i think the screenplay is brilliant! l really enjoyed the movie.
okay.. okay, i have to admit that i enjoyed the movie mostly because of the HAWT Ewan Mcgreggor that played the lead character :D

weather it's because of the outstanding screenplay, the great soundtracks, or the sexy lead actor,
either way, this movie made it to my must see movies of all time
and i highly recommend you to watch it!
Pic credits: Google Image

Monday, April 12, 2010

random things from .m.a.n.a.d.o.

yepp... manado food is all about pork and chili!

the writing on my T's "here is where i fall in love"
i wish!

hi, my name is FAITH.. and I'm friggin' ADORABLE :)

shutter island??

b'day cake a la Tondano town for my girl wullie. yes, it's corn!

i got the chance to have a karaoke with a full band!
it was A disaster... but then again who cares :D
first time i saw a living sea urchin up close n personal

 a boy dragged his dog to the sea to get cleaned up
the dog was scared as hell... LOL

my cute n handsome nephew >.<

the most beautiful sunset everrrr!!
this is the kind of view that you would want to see with ur significant other