Thursday, April 15, 2010

crop top made a come back?

For me crop top is one of the 80's-90's trend that i categorized under iffy label. Well frankly, it's just too damn britney spears! But, as my most desirable designer Mr. Wang kicks off his spring 2010 collection with crop top trend, he brings a whole new perspective to me personally about this particular apparel.

--Alexander Wang Spring 2010 Collection.
You see what i'm talking about right? He said this few days before the show "We want to create clothes that are timeless and classic... Our girl wants investment pieces". I think he successfully takes crop top to a whole new different level.
And crop top comes back didn't just stop there, other designers also pull this off greatly.
 Twenty8Twelve - spring 2010
 Dolce & Gabbana - fall 2010
 Erin Wasson x RVCA - spring 2010
Takoon - spring 2010
Apparently crop top wasn't so bad after all. I do considering it to be one of the must have item.
The only problem now is only few people could actually get away with this look effortlessly. Which you might have already guessed, yes! people with perfect stomach!
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