Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally home

This is the first post since I'm back from my vvvery long vacation with my family n friends.
I've been away to Manado in North Sulawesi. It's my parents home town which means that its my home town as well, even though i only went there like 4 times in my 23 years of life n i barely know the place. Still, its where my parents, grand parents, grand grand parents, grand grand grand parents -keep going until god knows when- got their family history.

Lets pending the story about my vacation for now. Since its already 5am in the morning, I feel so damn sleepy n there's too much that i have to tell about the vacation.

Now I'm just gonna tell u about the fact that i feel happy n also sad to come back in my practically hometown Jakarta.
I'm sad because..
1. I've got to leave the beautiful beaches n places there
2. I've got to say goodbye to my old n new friends that made the vacation 100times more fun
3. I've got to come back to urban traffic n pollution
4. My lazy ass got to kiss the laid back days goodbye

I'm happy because..
1. I finally get to see theBoy's face
2. I could finally meet gorilla again
3. I get to go to the movies n catch Alice in Wonderland, and other new movies that I've been looking forward to see (not the expected grand reason to feel happy, but it'll do for me)
4. I get to face the reality (a part of me do missed the so called real life)

This come back will mark the starts of my 1 month delayed preparation to go abroad.