Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To hell with all the negativity

When all the world doubt my 'surviving ability', I never lose faith in myself.

They shall say all they want about me..
That I wouldn't be able to take care of myself if I live alone by myself
That I couldn't do housework good enough
That I will always depend on my family n even my maid to lookout after me n cater for my needs

They may see me as this girl that can't survive on her own in this big wild world.
But I know myself better. I know that I'm ready to embark outside my comfort zone.

I will study
I will try
I will learn
I may fall down but I will stand up n try again

I know how to take care of myself, at least I know enough n strong enough to live my life. N I'm willing to learn if I don't know. Cos as long as I open myself to learn, I know I will be able to live well just the way I want.
I will feel scared, but I know I've got some people who care enough to be there for me n encourage me.

I don't need other people's approval to rise.
As long as I believe in myself n have faith, I know I can do it!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Anna Paquin vamps it up!

one of my favorite True Blood actress Anna Paquin features in the March 2010 edition of Marie Claire UK. she looks stunning in those fabulously hot dresses.. plus the shots are sexy!
im drooling over these dresses!

1. Stretch tulle and sequin dress by Viktor & Rolf
2. Tweed dress by Chanel
3. Plex crystal dress by Prada
4. Red & blue silk dress by Lanvin
5. Silk dress by Josh Goot
6. Silk chiffon and diamante dress by Alexander Mcqueen
7. Silk dress by Salvatore Ferragamo
Pic credits: style.com; marieclaire

Saturday, February 13, 2010

long day long night

LBD - Gaudi, Headband - Diva

I look like hell!
I've been out all day today, i mean yesterday,
n just got home half hour ago at 4am in the morning.
There's a lot of things to do during the day,
i was busy running errands.
As i live in the big crowded city called Jakarta,
instead of get the things done,
i wasted most of my time got stuck on the car
in the middle of heavily jammed traffic.
I traveled around the city
from south to center to east to north and back again to south
it was a loooooong day.

After an exhausting day of going from one place to another,
at night, i hit the club with my friends.
I drink, i laugh, i drink, i dance, i drink, i meet new people,
i dance, i dance, i drink, i dance, i drink, i dance.. til dawn!
Now i'm finally home,
feeling tired, tipsy, dizzy, hungry,
but somehow i come online
n even managed to write this meaningless post.
I rocked! seriously. haha.

I know that i better get some sleep
but not now my friend.. not now..
Now i still got energy left in my poor body n soul.
My body screams for sleep,
but i insist to keep myself awake.. for nothing!

am i drunk??

PS: for you who didn't know me well. yes, i AM a camwhore :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen

i couldn't believed what i read on news today "British fashion icon Alexander McQueen commits suicide days after death of his beloved mother".

i'm in disbelief, why would someone so young, so talented and so successful passed away tragically.
he wasn't just a designer he was an artist, every piece he created was a work of art. he was a creative genius.
fashion industry suffer such a great loss. The world will no longer be stunned by his unconventional fashion inventions.

These are my recent favorite of Alexander McQueen's
autumn(fall)/winter - 2009/2010 women's collection

McQ - autumn/winter '09 women's collection
The world will surely miss him.
Pic credits: Style.com

Thursday, February 11, 2010

electro electro electro!!

i found myself headbanging to electro music this past week. from electro pop to electro hop, i just can't get enough of it!
my favorite would be LITTLE BOOTS, MSTRKRFT and LMFAO.

These two songs are repeatedly played on my music player:
1. Little Boots - Remedy

2. MSTRKRFT feat. John Legend - Heartbreaker

i played this songs wayyy to much that i successfully made my cousins join my addiction :D

PS: Click the hyperlink on title for better video.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

UNUSED (japan)

theBoy is currently into this menswear clothing line from japan. the name is UNUSED.
especially the fall-winter 2009 collection he said. the collection is the interpretation of Japanese fashion forward thinking meets the elements of American workwear.
i think the collection is brilliant! that's why i feel like sharing it here.

these are some lookbook of the fall-winter 2009 collection:
theBoy like..
i like...

and these are some latest lookbook of spring-summer 2010 collection:

their collections is down right quirky, odd and cool all-together.
not to mention the approach is so unique, using old man and even girls as models.. simply outstanding! kudos for their lookbook art director.

do check out www.unused.jp for more lookbooks!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i'm turning into nocturnal creature

since i quit my job last month, my sleeping pattern is kinda.. fucked up!
sometimes i go to sleep at 1am and some other time i sleep at 6am in the morning.
sometimes i woke up at 8pm, some other time i woke up at 1pm.
and not to mention that i took 1-2 hours nap for once or even twice a day.
i'm becoming better and better in bed!
nights turning into day, and day into nights.

well, i don't really mind having a nocturnal life actually. besides, it's not like i have a job that requires me to wakes up early in the morning.
but this screwed up sleeping pattern come with a serious constant headache, it's so painful that sometimes i feel like the wall banging on my head, not the other way around *ok, that was exaggeration :P

since now i have my own time zone (read: go to sleep when everybody's waking up), i have new things that i dislike:
1. my dog who likes to barking at neighbor's dog early in the morning
2. neighbor's dog who likes to barking at my dog early in the morning
3. my neighbors who thinks that its perfectly fine to build something up n starts hammering at 7am in the morning. the noises drives me gaga! last time i checked, i'm pretty sure that i wasn't living on construction site.
4. (again) my nighbors, who think its cool to play music n crank up the volume to the max, in the morning! i'm sure u guys have a good taste in music, but i don't need u to play it for the whole neighborhood.. keep it for yourself please!
5. my friends that think its normal to starts making phone call just to chitchat even before the clock hits 10am
6. my maid that ignorantly starts cleaning up around my room when obviously i'm still dead sleep on the bed

if i woken up under those circumstances, do prepare yourselves for cranky version of me people!

anyway, the headache starts messing up with me yet again. so i better hit the sack now.
good night world, and i would appreciate it if u don't wake me up too early :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

serious need for passion

Everyday from the second i woke up
til the second i fall into deep sleep,
my day is made up of a series of concrete, specific actions
and they're actions that kind of wear away at passion.
the actions are petty and small,
from make bed to hangout with friends
but they accumulate in this really debilitating way
that diminishes my ability to focus on bigger things
like you know, ideas, dreams, and above all PASSION.

i've never thought that i would come to the point where
im so very clueless about myself
and contemplating incessantly.

what is exactly that i want?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

bad hair day for gorilla

This is gorilla. he is a Shih-Poo, a crossbreed between a poodle and a shih tzu.

his look used to be like this..

and yesterday, i took him to pet grooming and got this nasty look..

i guess it wasn't his lucky day.

dear all the guys..

i stumbled upon this. please do take a note! :)

the life i lead

when someone asked me "how's life?" i usually don't bother giving them detailed real answer, n just say "everything's fine.. as usual" or "great!" or other simple explanation. it's not because i don't want to tell them the details about my life n how i've been doing. it's just that i don't really have anything interesting to tell. my life have gone extremely reality based. everything is planned, average and routine.

i wonder, is this all I ever going to get out of life, was this enough for me?
i wanna be free, wild, crazy, spontaneous.. i wanna taste everything that life could possibly offer. all the feelings, the emotions.. i wanna take it to the extreme!

Friday, February 5, 2010

what's a realationship?

What is exactly being in a relationship means to a guy? Do they know that when being in a relationship they are committed to their partner n not suppose to hit on or date other women? Or does men in this era had grown ignorant to such a basic thing?

I've got lots of single girlfriends whose constantly getting hit on by guys that already have girlfriend. My friend sara, recently there's two NOT-single guys asked her out for a date. They know that sara know they already have gf, but they asked her out anyway. What's exactly they're thinking these guys? Make up ur mind dude! which girls do u actually wanna be with?! Why bother yourself to be in a relationship in the first place if u wanna be a polygamist?

On the other hand, I also have this assumption. Does girls in this era had become more selfish and easy? They're so obsessed of getting attention n love, that they willingly put themselves on sale. They don't mind going out with someone else bf, either for a serious date or just a fling, they don't mind being THAT woman. And don't even care about what the guy's gf gonna feel if they find out their bf is being unfaithful to them, all they care about was their own feelings.

So, what is actually relationship mean in this era? Trust is turning into illusion. What's left is betrayal, cheats, lies, pretends, and tricks. Love has turning into a game of manipulation of emotions. Who plays it better is the winner, n will be saved from the pain n hurt.

They said that to love someone means taking risk n take the leap. Does this means that as times passed, the leap and risk we should take to love someone is getting bigger and harder?

PS: just to be clear, this condition could happen vice versa. the girls is not always be the victim here!
Pic credits: devianart

Thursday, February 4, 2010

it's just a smile, but it gets me everytime!

the plan is to show theBoy that I'm mad to him cos he overslept and lose his time to spend with me. I've been texting, emailing, IM-ing him for the passed hours hoping for him to wake up... but he sleep like dead, doesn't even moved by his own alarm.

i already made a whole paragraph of "what the hell were u doing!" kind of sentences in my head ready to break it down to him. i keep waiting and waiting and waiting... finally he wakes up n make his appearance by saying "sweetie, I'm so sorryyyyy.. i overslept" with a sweet radiant smile of his. and just like that, all the anger in me melted as i say "its ok honey.. i know you must be tired", with a smile! my own lips betrayed me, my lips were such a bitch!

and its not the first time i swallowed my own anger because of a mere smile by him. he seriously know how to tame me, i tell u, its scary! he simply shoot a smile and I'm his slave.

is this what they called love? or I'm just plain stupid?? since i still want to be considered as a smart women, so i hope the explanation is LOVE :D (I'm just gonna pretend that i didn't just say a super lame excuse).
Pic credits: devianart

blah blah guy

i really could't enjoy a conversation with a talkative kind of guy. i mean, i'm the kind of girl that likes to be the talkative one in the group, so i'm not exactly excited to have a competitor.

i might understand if its a girl, but if its a guy... gosh! it just irritates me to talk to a guy that don't know when to stop talking and start listening. at first hour, i might could manage to keep listening, following the conversation and give good respond, but more than that, all the sound he made just gonna sounds like "blah blah blah" to me, literally!

It's not because of what they're saying aren't interesting, it's just that i'm waiting for my turn to talk, so i need them to listen. But instead of trying to ask something about me, they just kept talking on and on and on about themselves for a solid hour or more, i was like, goddddd! when his mouth gonna stop moving.

my respond when someone's turning into a blah blah guy would be:
first, smile while trying to keep listening
second, kept saying "why?", "and then", or "i see"
third, kept nodding my head as if i have a clue about whats coming out of his mouth
forth, my mind automatically shuts itself from the conversation
and next thing i know is he ask "so, what do u think about it?" and i'm trying hard to put the pieces of the conversation that i actually catch and quickly made up a short simple answer. and before he realize that i just gave him a completely irrelevant answer, im gonna ask something back, to make him starts talk again.

is it so wrong to act this way? does having a conversation with a talkative guy is really that annoying? or it's just me that gotta learn to be a better listener for a guy?

Well, instead of kept performing the fake responds, i do think that i gotta learn how to get along with em, and finds a trick to overcome their one way conversation/monologue.
Pic credits: devianart