Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To hell with all the negativity

When all the world doubt my 'surviving ability', I never lose faith in myself.

They shall say all they want about me..
That I wouldn't be able to take care of myself if I live alone by myself
That I couldn't do housework good enough
That I will always depend on my family n even my maid to lookout after me n cater for my needs

They may see me as this girl that can't survive on her own in this big wild world.
But I know myself better. I know that I'm ready to embark outside my comfort zone.

I will study
I will try
I will learn
I may fall down but I will stand up n try again

I know how to take care of myself, at least I know enough n strong enough to live my life. N I'm willing to learn if I don't know. Cos as long as I open myself to learn, I know I will be able to live well just the way I want.
I will feel scared, but I know I've got some people who care enough to be there for me n encourage me.

I don't need other people's approval to rise.
As long as I believe in myself n have faith, I know I can do it!

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1 comment:

  1. i love it how u describe ur determination...

    so it's fixed that ur going to europe then japan? i always admire this brave side of urs, marsha...ur afraid of nothing...way to go!