Saturday, February 13, 2010

long day long night

LBD - Gaudi, Headband - Diva

I look like hell!
I've been out all day today, i mean yesterday,
n just got home half hour ago at 4am in the morning.
There's a lot of things to do during the day,
i was busy running errands.
As i live in the big crowded city called Jakarta,
instead of get the things done,
i wasted most of my time got stuck on the car
in the middle of heavily jammed traffic.
I traveled around the city
from south to center to east to north and back again to south
it was a loooooong day.

After an exhausting day of going from one place to another,
at night, i hit the club with my friends.
I drink, i laugh, i drink, i dance, i drink, i meet new people,
i dance, i dance, i drink, i dance, i drink, i dance.. til dawn!
Now i'm finally home,
feeling tired, tipsy, dizzy, hungry,
but somehow i come online
n even managed to write this meaningless post.
I rocked! seriously. haha.

I know that i better get some sleep
but not now my friend.. not now..
Now i still got energy left in my poor body n soul.
My body screams for sleep,
but i insist to keep myself awake.. for nothing!

am i drunk??

PS: for you who didn't know me well. yes, i AM a camwhore :D

1 comment:

  1. hmm, to me its nothing new...its u! hahahaha

    drinking dancing camwhoring...yea...definitely not new...hahahahaa