Friday, February 5, 2010

what's a realationship?

What is exactly being in a relationship means to a guy? Do they know that when being in a relationship they are committed to their partner n not suppose to hit on or date other women? Or does men in this era had grown ignorant to such a basic thing?

I've got lots of single girlfriends whose constantly getting hit on by guys that already have girlfriend. My friend sara, recently there's two NOT-single guys asked her out for a date. They know that sara know they already have gf, but they asked her out anyway. What's exactly they're thinking these guys? Make up ur mind dude! which girls do u actually wanna be with?! Why bother yourself to be in a relationship in the first place if u wanna be a polygamist?

On the other hand, I also have this assumption. Does girls in this era had become more selfish and easy? They're so obsessed of getting attention n love, that they willingly put themselves on sale. They don't mind going out with someone else bf, either for a serious date or just a fling, they don't mind being THAT woman. And don't even care about what the guy's gf gonna feel if they find out their bf is being unfaithful to them, all they care about was their own feelings.

So, what is actually relationship mean in this era? Trust is turning into illusion. What's left is betrayal, cheats, lies, pretends, and tricks. Love has turning into a game of manipulation of emotions. Who plays it better is the winner, n will be saved from the pain n hurt.

They said that to love someone means taking risk n take the leap. Does this means that as times passed, the leap and risk we should take to love someone is getting bigger and harder?

PS: just to be clear, this condition could happen vice versa. the girls is not always be the victim here!
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