Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i'm turning into nocturnal creature

since i quit my job last month, my sleeping pattern is kinda.. fucked up!
sometimes i go to sleep at 1am and some other time i sleep at 6am in the morning.
sometimes i woke up at 8pm, some other time i woke up at 1pm.
and not to mention that i took 1-2 hours nap for once or even twice a day.
i'm becoming better and better in bed!
nights turning into day, and day into nights.

well, i don't really mind having a nocturnal life actually. besides, it's not like i have a job that requires me to wakes up early in the morning.
but this screwed up sleeping pattern come with a serious constant headache, it's so painful that sometimes i feel like the wall banging on my head, not the other way around *ok, that was exaggeration :P

since now i have my own time zone (read: go to sleep when everybody's waking up), i have new things that i dislike:
1. my dog who likes to barking at neighbor's dog early in the morning
2. neighbor's dog who likes to barking at my dog early in the morning
3. my neighbors who thinks that its perfectly fine to build something up n starts hammering at 7am in the morning. the noises drives me gaga! last time i checked, i'm pretty sure that i wasn't living on construction site.
4. (again) my nighbors, who think its cool to play music n crank up the volume to the max, in the morning! i'm sure u guys have a good taste in music, but i don't need u to play it for the whole neighborhood.. keep it for yourself please!
5. my friends that think its normal to starts making phone call just to chitchat even before the clock hits 10am
6. my maid that ignorantly starts cleaning up around my room when obviously i'm still dead sleep on the bed

if i woken up under those circumstances, do prepare yourselves for cranky version of me people!

anyway, the headache starts messing up with me yet again. so i better hit the sack now.
good night world, and i would appreciate it if u don't wake me up too early :)

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