Thursday, February 4, 2010

blah blah guy

i really could't enjoy a conversation with a talkative kind of guy. i mean, i'm the kind of girl that likes to be the talkative one in the group, so i'm not exactly excited to have a competitor.

i might understand if its a girl, but if its a guy... gosh! it just irritates me to talk to a guy that don't know when to stop talking and start listening. at first hour, i might could manage to keep listening, following the conversation and give good respond, but more than that, all the sound he made just gonna sounds like "blah blah blah" to me, literally!

It's not because of what they're saying aren't interesting, it's just that i'm waiting for my turn to talk, so i need them to listen. But instead of trying to ask something about me, they just kept talking on and on and on about themselves for a solid hour or more, i was like, goddddd! when his mouth gonna stop moving.

my respond when someone's turning into a blah blah guy would be:
first, smile while trying to keep listening
second, kept saying "why?", "and then", or "i see"
third, kept nodding my head as if i have a clue about whats coming out of his mouth
forth, my mind automatically shuts itself from the conversation
and next thing i know is he ask "so, what do u think about it?" and i'm trying hard to put the pieces of the conversation that i actually catch and quickly made up a short simple answer. and before he realize that i just gave him a completely irrelevant answer, im gonna ask something back, to make him starts talk again.

is it so wrong to act this way? does having a conversation with a talkative guy is really that annoying? or it's just me that gotta learn to be a better listener for a guy?

Well, instead of kept performing the fake responds, i do think that i gotta learn how to get along with em, and finds a trick to overcome their one way conversation/monologue.
Pic credits: devianart


  1. sounds like u describe me in this blog, didnt u???


  2. hahahha.. of course not! u always know when to listen :)