Thursday, February 4, 2010

it's just a smile, but it gets me everytime!

the plan is to show theBoy that I'm mad to him cos he overslept and lose his time to spend with me. I've been texting, emailing, IM-ing him for the passed hours hoping for him to wake up... but he sleep like dead, doesn't even moved by his own alarm.

i already made a whole paragraph of "what the hell were u doing!" kind of sentences in my head ready to break it down to him. i keep waiting and waiting and waiting... finally he wakes up n make his appearance by saying "sweetie, I'm so sorryyyyy.. i overslept" with a sweet radiant smile of his. and just like that, all the anger in me melted as i say "its ok honey.. i know you must be tired", with a smile! my own lips betrayed me, my lips were such a bitch!

and its not the first time i swallowed my own anger because of a mere smile by him. he seriously know how to tame me, i tell u, its scary! he simply shoot a smile and I'm his slave.

is this what they called love? or I'm just plain stupid?? since i still want to be considered as a smart women, so i hope the explanation is LOVE :D (I'm just gonna pretend that i didn't just say a super lame excuse).
Pic credits: devianart

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