Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So this is it, this is the end... theBoy and i are officially over. I wish it didn't end up like this. But then i think to myself that this is the best choice for everyone, even though i couldn't see it that way now. I'm in a zombie-like condition at the moment, with my head filled with all the memories and the coulda woulda shoulda. That is the worse part of all this. I wish someone had invented a pill to erase memory in this kind of situation. It's hurt and it's hard... though i know that there is no easier way to do this. All i can do now is keep going and let time do its magic to make it all better. I've erased, i've removed... i accepted and moving on. I know i have a life waiting in front of me, i don't want to stop and looking back -just like how he puts it. Well, life is something that full with colors, sometimes you just get the color that you don't want. Sad things happens to you, but it is part of life that you're living, that what makes your life doesn't boring and colorful. In someway this breakup really is what i and he needed.
One thing i do now... is that i did feel happy when i was with him, and i'm glad that i met him in my life.

 "there are things you don't want to happen but you have to accept
there are things you don't want to know but you have to learn
there are people you think you can't live without but you just have to let go

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