Sunday, September 19, 2010

bittersweet memory

The funny thing about remembering the times when we were together is that, it could make me smile and also capable of making me cry.
I want to forget, to save myself from remembering the pain but I can't do it because it would also cost me the memories that makes me smile.
When it comes to past relationship, will there be a day that we will ever forget the way it feels? Forget how great it was.. How painful it was..? Or we will forever be haunted by the memories of those people that have become nothing more then familiar strangers..

Seriously, could my pms gets any worse then this! It turns me into this emo bitch blabbering about feelings and even worse, past relationships! plus, my mood swings is just horrible. I despise myself atm. Before I talks more nonsense, I might as well shut my eyes n sleep. Good night.

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