Friday, March 23, 2012

inside my head

my brain is a wild jungle full of scary gibberish..

i should eat something, no i should sleep, i'm so sleepy,
i want to read, oh, i better watch the next episode of breaking bad before going to bed,
oh wait, i definitely should continue streaming that japanese drama i watched the other day
will the weather be nice tomorrow, i really feels like going down to the beach,
godd, why is it so dark outside,
why am i here, alone?
the internet connection better not suck
what's that sound outside my window!
i should finished all the grapes tonight, will it be bad by tomorrow?
my room's such a mess,
crap! i forgot to picked up my laundry yesterday,
i should go on shopping spree soon, i think i need to get new outfits,
gah! writing these nonsense killing my neck.
i'm seriously need a comfy chair and a coffee table,
shall i make myself a cup of coffee,

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