Friday, December 17, 2010

a sentimental journey

(this post is inspired by/dedicated to Daul Kim)
There are times when you feel disconnected
suddenly feel alienated from the surroundings
out of place
then for some reasons you're able to vividly recall all your sad memories
just rushing back to you
what you have lost along the way and all the regrets

i thought i was in condition where i doesn't even feel remotely unhappy
strong enough
kept my self busy enough
busy enough to fool myself thinking that i m over you.
yet, there is always those times
times where your body n soul longing for a sense of belongings
a companionship
and simply just wanted to be loved

i cried
for hapiness
for sadness
but most of all
for emptyness
~Daul Kim 
Image credit: Google Images

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